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Exams can be nerve-wracking for everyone, but learning your dominant learning style can be your secret weapon. Understanding how you process information and retain knowledge allows you to craft effective study strategies that optimise your performance. So, let’s dive into strategies you can look at deploying to smash your next exam.

1. Visual learners: paint a picture of success

Visual learners thrive on imagery and spatial organisation. Here’s how they can ace exams:

· Mind maps and diagrams: Transform dense materials into colourful mind maps and flowcharts. Use colours, shapes, and icons to highlight key concepts and connections.
· Visual notes: Ditch plain text! Sketch diagrams, annotate images, and create timelines to enhance your notes. Visual elements will stick in your mind longer.
· Practice with visuals: Use practice tests with interactive charts, graphs, and simulations. Visualising real-world applications of concepts will solidify your understanding.
· Online flashcards: Replace text-based flashcards with picture-based ones. Use images, infographics, or even visual mnemonics to boost your recall.

2. The auditory learner

· Record yourself: Read your notes and key concepts aloud, then listen back during study breaks or commutes. This reinforces information through sound repetition.
· Join study groups: Discuss concepts and practice answering questions out loud with classmates. Verbalising information strengthens memory and understanding.
· Listen to educational podcasts: Find podcasts on your exam topics to passively absorb information while doing other tasks like chores or exercise.

3. The logical learner

· Structure is key: Create a detailed study schedule and stick to it. Break down complex topics into smaller, manageable chunks.
· Practice, practice, practice: Take practice exams, answer past question papers, and create your
own practice questions. Repetition strengthens logical reasoning and problem-solving skills.
· Using online to your advantage: Online platforms or courses can allow you to obtain vital information or break down complex concepts and answer your questions logically.

Use an online exam platform

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