How to prepare your students for exams

Teachers are constantly aware of exams, whether they’re approaching at speed or looming on the horizon.

Preparing students for sitting those exams is a key element of any teacher’s responsibility that includes more than simply delivering the knowledge they need to pass.

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Is there a gender or regional bias in exam marking?

Exam marking reliability is an issue that crops up regularly as analysts try to decipher the intricacies of exam results and what they mean for attainment and exam difficulty.

This has been complicated in recent years by the alterations to the GCSE system that have altered the way league tables are compiled and therefore make it harder for comparisons to be made.

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How useful are mock exams?

The debate over the usefulness of mock exams has intensified as the new, more rigorous GCSE examinations have begun to be used across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

This has combined with renewed calls regarding student stress and whether mock exams – and exams in general – are effective as a means of teaching.

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Coping with the additional workload of marking exams

Every year, thousands of teachers participate in invigilating and marking exams – how will they cope with the additional pressure and demands on their time?

As reported earlier this year by The Guardian, many teachers are working more than 60 hours a week, while 75% have reported symptoms of stress – including depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

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