On-screen assessments – are they the future?

Reading time: 3 minutes

A major on-screen assessments trial has recently been announced by AQA. Does this signify the realisation of the potential of online examinations and why is this?

Online learning and assessments have become increasingly popular since the pandemic and it has encouraged institutions to look at alternative ways of assessing learners.


Benefits of proctoring: maintain exam integrity online

Reading time: 2 minutes

Proctoring or invigilating students is imperative to the credibility of exams.

As education institutions across the spectrum turn to online learning, proctoring means that exams can also take place without the need of an exam hall or classroom base.

In the short term this is a practical solution during the coronavirus pandemic. In the long term, it reduces costs for both the educational setting and the student without affecting the credibility of the assessment.

What is proctoring and what are the benefits? This blog post explains.


5 benefits of proctoring exams

Reading time: 2 minutes

Many educational establishments and training bodies - including Oxford and Cambridge Universities - are moving exams online. However, with online exams, proctoring is more difficult.

It comes as Covid-19 has meant that pen and paper exams are often unfeasible, with laws permitting gatherings of multiple people as well as enforced school closures.

Proctoring, or invigilating, is the process of watching people take exams to ensure that they done not cheat. But what are the benefits of this, and how can you ensure that it is done online? This blog post explains.

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