The benefits of using an online exam platform

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EdTech and online examination platforms have been increasing in popularity in recent years. Universities, awarding bodies and a variety of organisations have decided to use online platforms to deliver examinations due to several factors but mainly due to their efficiency.

Online exams can now be done in practically any subject you can think of. There are minimal negatives to online exam platforms as long as they are secure and there is effective proctoring included.


Why online exams can help SEND examinees

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As technology advances, it opens up new opportunities in all aspects of education. Driven by the pandemic, online exams are one area where communication technology has transformed the experience, and for SEND examinees, delivered something much more.

While the obvious benefit during the pandemic was the ability to take exams without exposure to potential infection, as we have become used to the process, more benefits are revealing themselves. Here are some benefits for SEND students you may not have noticed.

Tailored Exams


Everything you need to know about malpractice in online exams

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There will always be students who try to get an unfair advantage in exams through malpractice. In addition to that, this problem has been significantly worsening all over the world. One of the most important aspects of educational technology is online testing or evaluation. It is expected that the use of online exams will rise for various examination kinds, including competitive admission tests and recruiting tests. An online evaluation has shown to be an efficient and better technique to screen out unsuitable applicants and find those who are a good fit for the open position.

How do students cheat during online exams?

Malpractice, like writing mathematical formulae by hand, has mostly been phased out in recent years. Students in today's society have developed ingenious methods for cheating, most of which include making use of the many technological tools that are accessible to them.

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