3 reasons why online exams are better at universities

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Examinations at university are inevitable. However, online exams can be less stressful and more convenient for both students and lecturers. Here’s why.

Online exams have emerged recently as very popular methods of gaining qualifications due to the comfort they can provide. Here are three reasons why universities can benefit from them.

1. Speed & Convenience


The Future of Online Exams

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Examinations and graded assessments have been a crucial part of the school curriculum for years. A negative connotation is associated with examinations, with students being reluctant to attempt them. However, several studies at the current time reveal that students are much more comfortable and eager to participate in online assessments. Not only the level of participation but the students' results have significantly increased.

The ever-increasing status of online exams is only because of the change in time and situation in the past few years. It was the pandemic of 2019 that brought about a need for change in the educational system. Educational institutions adopted online classes and exams with the norms of social distancing enforced and physical classes being shut. However, the importance of online exams in the current scenario is partly because of the significance of the mode of assessment.


The impact of this year’s exams

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The Covid-19 pandemic had unprecedented socio-economic implications. The education industry is no exception. Recent years have seen significant changes in both the content of education and the methods used to deliver it. Alterations are also being made to the educational norms and curricula in use today. Moreover, online exams have become a new norm in the industry.

Owing to the benefits, the educational system is embracing digitisation and making the transition from traditional classrooms to online learning environments.

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