Are digital exams about to replace pen and paper exams?

The education sector should be making plans for digital exams to replace pen and paper assessments by 2025, according to an independent report.

The report suggests the UK is falling behind other countries in Europe, with many close to using 100% digital exams in education.

Some educational establishments are leading the way for digital assessment in the UK. But is this goal achievable? This blog post explains.

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Are mock exams results an accurate indicator of real exam results?

With the recent changes to GCSEs and A-levels, coursework and controlled assessment now has little or no effect on final examination grades.

Exams are shifting back to the older format of more essay-type questions and fewer multiple choice or shorter questions.

Now that coursework no longer contributes to final grades, students can only achieve good grades by successfully completing their exams, and mock exams can help define how they progress towards their real exams.

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Revision guidelines and best practice

The fact that all students have different ways of revising and retaining information means that drawing up revision guidelines that will suit everyone is almost impossible.

However, there are some universal elements that all pupils who care about their exams will take on board and that can be adapted to any subject.

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What can students do if they fail their GCSEs?

Whilst the pictures in the news on GCSE results day are mainly of teens jumping up and down in happiness, there is a significant proportion of students hovering in the background who might have failed what they considered to be key elements of their GCSEs.

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How to relieve the stress of exams

There’s no getting away from the fact that exams are stressful. Even if you’re confident about the subject, you’ll start second-guessing yourself and wondering if you’ve ‘done enough’.

The truth is, there’s no way of figuring that out and you’ll likely always feel as if you could’ve done more. So, instead of letting those nagging concerns get to you, take a few steps to relieve your stress.

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Healthy eating for exams

Amidst revision sessions and study guides, the idea of eating healthily around exam time can often fall by the wayside.

It’s easy to think that, just for now, a diet of pizza and chocolate will be enough to see the exams through.

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