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Grades for GCSEs and A-levels will still be released at results days in the UK, the Department for Education has announced.

The results are to be calculated using a range of projects, alongside input from teachers, EDArcade revealed last month.

Yesterday, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson, said that creating these milestone shows the school economy is on a path to a return to normal. But what do we know? This blog post explains.


When will GCSE and A-level results be published?

A-level results will be published on 13 August and GCSE results will be published on 20 August.

School standards minister, Nick Gibb, said results days would give pupils and families “reassurance and clarity”.

Gibb said:

I am pleased to confirm that GCSE and A-level students will still receive their exam results as planned this summer, on Thursday 20 August and Thursday 13 August respectively.

I want to thank all those who are helping to make this happen despite the challenges we are facing. We know that this is an important milestone for students, parents and teachers and so I hope this news will provide them with some reassurance and clarity.


Students will be unable to challenge grades

However, pupils who have been sitting GCSEs and A-levels this year will be unable to challenge the grades they are given, Ofqual has announced.

There is no way of appealing to “professional judgement” of of their teachers as it would be “inappropriate, ineffective and unfair” to do so, the report concludes.

Schools in Northern Ireland are still deciding how to reward GCSE, AS and A-level results.

Teachers have been instructed to provide grades for students that reflect the results they would most likely achieve if the exams had gone ahead.

You can find out more about how these are calculated here.


How can EDExams help?

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