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Online exams have grown in popularity in recent years, aided to an extent by the pandemic normalising remote education. However, even now as we have some semblance of normality in education, several advantages mean online exams at school should be here to stay.

Here are five reasons why online school exams offer a more efficient and effective experience than traditional solutions.

1. It’s cheaper

Money is not everything, but there is no getting around the fact that budgets are always tight and savings in one place can be used to make a difference elsewhere. Online exams are simply cheaper to run, taking less time and resources, as teachers no longer need to adjudicate, check test papers and so on. An online exam can automate much of this, delivering a far more efficient exam online than would otherwise be possible.

2. It’s faster

Not only does it take less investment in funds to run online exams for schools, but it takes less time investment too. That applies to both students and staff. We have already mentioned a reduced amount of admin thanks to automated testing, but this also applies to students. Tests no longer mean a long wait for results, and in some cases, students can get results almost immediately.

3. Improved Security

An online exam offers improved security and anti-cheating solutions than are possible in traditionally printed examination papers. For instance, an online school exam can shuffle question orders for each candidate, lowering the possibility of copying or other malpractices. In addition, there is no chance of the exam being leaked beforehand, as no physical copies exist to be seen. An online examination system removes any chance of this, delivering effective and efficient testing with confidence.

4. A sustainable approach to examination

Think about a traditional exam system. There is a lot of paper being used, along with the fuel and so on needed to move those exam papers around the country as needed. A digital online exam system eliminates all that, providing a sustainable approach to educational testing.

5. A more diverse examination approach

Finally, the exam itself. With a digital online exam platform, questions can easily incorporate multimedia to provide more in-depth questioning and a more diverse exam experience. This can allow examiners to test knowledge in new ways, offering a more efficient way of assessing skills and knowledge than a traditional exam could do.


Online exams for schools have a lot to recommend and offer a more efficient solution in many ways. In addition to the lower cost, faster results and so on, there is one other significant advantage we did not discuss. Students today are more used to the digital environment than they are to any other. Online exams provide a familiar workspace that allows them to focus on the questions rather than the medium, ensuring a better reflection of their ability in the results.

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