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As technology advances, it opens up new opportunities in all aspects of education. Driven by the pandemic, online exams are one area where communication technology has transformed the experience, and for SEND examinees, delivered something much more.

While the obvious benefit during the pandemic was the ability to take exams without exposure to potential infection, as we have become used to the process, more benefits are revealing themselves. Here are some benefits for SEND students you may not have noticed.

Tailored Exams for SEND

One of the key benefits for SEND examinees is the flexibility of the examination process. Online exams can be tailored to suit specific needs, ensuring that each exam reflects the capabilities of the SEND examinees. This approach ensures fairness, but also makes the exam process itself more practical, and because of the fast feedback online exams provide, the exam process itself can help identify any targeted support a student needs to develop.

Minimal Disruption

The traditional exam process itself can be disruptive for SEND examinees, bringing additional challenges and stress that can harm performance. However, an online exam can be taken in familiar, tailored surroundings they are comfortable in, with any support technology or equipment they need to hand.

This allows the student to focus on the exam, rather than the physical or other challenges of simply attending the exam. This gives students a much better chance of achieving their potential and acquiring the best outcome possible.


Without the need to travel, lack of paperwork and so on, online exams are cheaper to administer, but also less costly to take too. For SEND examinees, transport and other requirements of attending a more traditional exam can have a cost impact, something almost eliminated by an online exam solution.

Of course, that lack of travel arrangements and so on, also makes it a much less time-consuming process too, and for some SEND examinees, that reduction in time taken can be an advantage. For those with attention challenges or who require frequent treatment or other procedures, less time involved with the examination can be a major benefit.

Faster Results

A benefit to everyone including SEND examinees is that an online exam provides fast results and feedback. This is incredibly useful in identifying areas of improvement and tailoring support to meet that need. For SEND pupils in particular, this allows for frequent online testing to quickly spot issues and have a flexible strategy that aids students where it is most effective to do so.

The future of examinations

All students and educational professionals benefit from the advantages of online exams. Just as importantly, the lack of paper used and so on make them more environmentally friendly too, at a time when we should be doing everything we can to cut down on waste and material use.

But for SEND pupils in particular, several advantages can really help them achieve their best performance within the examination environment. For SEND examinees, and everyone else, online exams are the future of educational assessment.

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