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The rise of online learning has brought undeniable benefits, but it’s also introduced new challenges, particularly in assessment. While online quizzes and tests can be convenient and efficient, they can also disadvantage certain students if not designed with fairness and equity in mind. Here’s how we can create a more just online assessment environment:

Mind the Digital Divide

Not all students have equal access to reliable technology and stable internet connections. Before implementing online assessments, be sure to understand the resources available to your students. Consider offering alternative assessments or providing access to computers and the internet at school for those who need it.

Mitigate Bias

Our own biases can unconsciously creep into assessments. Use a variety of question formats (multiple choice, open-ended, projects) to cater to different learning styles and reduce the impact of linguistic or cultural bias. Reviewing questions with colleagues from diverse backgrounds can also help identify potential biases.

Promoting Trust and Transparency

Explain the Purpose: Clearly explain to students the purpose of the assessment and how it aligns with the learning objectives.
Review Process: Outline the grading process and rubrics used for evaluation. This allows students to understand what constitutes a successful performance.
Feedback Mechanisms: Provide students with timely and constructive feedback on their performance. This helps them understand their strengths and weaknesses and identify areas for improvement.

EDExams goes beyond simply providing an online testing platform. The platform champions fairness and equity by incorporating accessibility features, multiple-question formats to cater to diverse learning styles, and robust measures to prevent bias. With EDExams, educators can be confident that their online assessments are creating a level playing field where all students have the opportunity to shine. To find out more information call 01909 384090, send an email to or book a free online demonstration here.