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The rise of online learning has brought a surge in online exams. While convenient and flexible, online exams can be shrouded in uncertainty for students. Fear not! This blog tackles common myths about online exams, separating fact from fiction to empower you for your next assessment.

Myth #1: Online exams are easier than traditional exams.

Fact: Online exams can be just as challenging, if not more, than traditional paper-and-pencil tests. They often require a deeper understanding of concepts rather than rote memorisation. Additionally, online exams may incorporate different question formats, like simulations or interactive tasks, demanding a broader range of skills.

Myth #2: Online exams are more prone to cheating.

Fact: While cheating is a concern in any exam setting, online platforms often have robust security measures in place. These may include plagiarism checkers, lockdown browsers that restrict access to other websites, and webcam monitoring. Some exams may also use question randomisation or employ different versions of the same exam to further deter cheating.

Myth #3: You need fancy equipment and a high-speed internet connection.

Fact: In most cases, a basic computer with a reliable internet connection is sufficient for taking an online exam. Most institutions will specify any minimum technical requirements well in advance.

Myth #4: Online exams offer no advantage over traditional exams.

Fact: Online exams offer several advantages. They can be more accessible for students with disabilities, provide quicker results, and allow for more diverse question formats. Additionally, online exams can be more environmentally friendly by reducing paper use.

Myth #5: There’s no way to get help during an online exam.

Fact: While some online exams are strictly proctored, others may allow you to access specific resources like formulas or reference materials. Always clarify what resources are permitted during your exam.

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