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The epidemic that has spread over the world has affected every industry. Transitioning to remote work may have been easier for multinational corporations and other professions. Still, it has been much more difficult for educational establishments all over the globe. There is an undeniable need for the present education system to be completely reimagined. Here is where connected classrooms that use online examinations have played a significant role.

Why exam halls are outdated

It is not difficult to comprehend why innovative technology in the classroom can have minimal effect on the conventional educational results connected to it. For instance, if a student is going to be tested on their knowledge of a specific topic covered in a single textbook, then allowing them access to the internet in the classroom will likely prove to be an unwanted distraction. Instead, relying just on the text can be adequate. Everyone is intent on writing down as many answers as they can, whether they are doing so by copying from others, looking for answers on their phones covertly in the classroom, looking for answers during the bathroom breaks they take, or by their efforts. As a result, holding tests in exam halls becomes a less viable choice.

Effects on mental health

The experience of taking tests may be terrifying. For children and young adults who already suffer from anxiety regularly, this can lead to unmanageable rises in the levels of worry they feel. Children who have difficulty completing their homework and those with specific educational requirements or mental health challenges may be at a greater risk of developing academic anxiety. However, high achievers are also susceptible to burnout, especially youngsters who strive for perfection to an unhealthy degree or whose parents have incredibly high expectations for them.

How are online exams better

The exam question papers and answer sheets need to be delivered to the destination cautiously since the slightest mishap during transportation, either to or from the examination hall, can result in significant financial loss for the educational establishment.

During the transit, there is an excellent likelihood that the answer sheets or question papers may get damaged, or question papers would leak. The candidate’s future may be impacted if the question papers or answer sheets are misplaced, damaged, or destroyed. This may not only leave a negative mark on the educational institution’s reputation. The students may suffer if there is no provision for giving the exam at the exam centre.

Cloud technology is used in online examinations to retain question papers, answer sheets, and other relevant data. Because of this, the educational institution does not have to give them any storage space, which is a significant benefit. The use of cloud technology eliminates some other dangers, including the possibility of misplacing documents or accidentally damaging those papers in some way.

In the online format of the test, the applicant’s identity may be checked using the procedures provided by the online exam platforms. Because of advancements in technology, the candidate’s credentials may be reviewed utilizing various trustworthy and risk-free methods. Teaching has improved In the online mode as it allows more content to be delivered.

Students will not be allowed to take offline assessments if no classrooms are accessible for them to take the examinations. Because of this, educational institutions are under an immediate and critical need to identify an adequate testing room or centre to carry out offline assessments. When offline exams are given, the locations where they are given must have a complete complement of facilities to accommodate the people taking the examinations and the staff members responsible for supervising them.

It is common knowledge that online reviews may be completed at any time, from any location, and in any region. This makes it simpler for the candidates to appear for them from the convenience of their own homes. It also makes it simpler for the examiners to evaluate them wherever and whenever is most suitable. Both parties benefit from this arrangement.

When doing testing offline, the identification process is carried out manually. Applicants must bring their hall ticket and two pieces of identification with them to the testing facility on every occasion they show up for an exam. The online examination platform uses technology to scan and preserve documents that serve as identification evidence. It then compares these documents to the guarantees of the identity of the candidate’s supply while taking the test.


Over the last several decades, there has been an increase in demand for online testing systems. Educative establishments, government agencies, and private companies are all shelling out millions of dollars to create and implement online testing software. There are a lot of benefits to administering the tests through the internet, and everyone understood it a lot better when it came up during the COVID-19 time.

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