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The rise of online exams has brought convenience and flexibility, but it’s also introduced new challenges when it comes to security. Cheating and technical glitches can threaten the integrity of assessments and leave both educators and students frustrated.

But fear not! This blog post will equip you with troubleshooting tips and tools to ensure your online exams run smoothly and securely.

Pre-exam preparation

  • System check: Ensure students have updated browsers, reliable internet connections, and compatible devices.
  • Practice run: Encourage students to take a practice exam to familiarise themselves with the platform and identify potential issues.
  • Backup plans: Have alternative options in place for students facing technical difficulties, such as allowing them to resume the exam later or providing alternative assessment methods.

Dealing with glitches

  • Refresh and reload: The simplest solution can often work. Encourage students to refresh the page or restart their browsers if they encounter minor glitches.
  • Check connectivity: Poor internet connection can be a major culprit. Students should check their Wi-Fi or mobile data signal and restart their routers if necessary.
  • Contact support: Most online exam platforms offer technical support teams. Encourage students to reach out for assistance if they encounter persistent issues.
  • Document everything: Advise students to document any technical difficulties they face, including screenshots and error messages, for potential review and follow-up

Post-exam evaluation

  • Analyse feedback: Gather feedback from students regarding their experience with the online platform and identify areas for improvement.
  • Update procedures: Based on the encountered issues, revise your pre-exam preparation and troubleshooting guidelines for future assessments.
  • Invest in reliable technology: Consider upgrading your online exam platform or partnering with a provider known for robust security and technical stability.

Using a trusted online exam platform

EDExams is a secure locked-down examination platform that provides live invigilation and proctoring for candidates. The customer service team are always immediately on hand to support any issues you may have with your examination.

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