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Examinations at university are inevitable. However, online exams can be less stressful and more convenient for both students and lecturers. Here’s why.

Online exams have emerged recently as very popular methods of gaining qualifications due to the comfort they can provide. Here are three reasons why universities can benefit from them.

1. Speed & Convenience

Online exams can provide instant feedback for students whereas traditional paper-based exams may take longer. Students can then evaluate at a quicker rate and hastily identify what their areas for improvement are.

In addition to this, data can be tracked properly and recorded so that students can see a visible overview of their progress. Strengths and weaknesses can be identified during online examinations at a quicker rate and allow for further revision to be focused on specific areas that need to be improved.

Paper usage is also eliminated reducing the time and effort into marking examinations traditionally. Online examinations can complete this automatically meaning lecturers can focus their attention on other areas for their students.

2. Secure examinations

When using a locked-down examination application, online exams can be extremely secure as they can ensure that no malpractice is taking place for university students. Students could potentially be inclined to resort to cheating because they are online as no physical person is looking over their shoulder. However, in a locked-down application, everything can be recorded and examination areas can be assessed for legitimacy.

Check out this video here, of what examples of malpractice there could be when delivering an online exam and how this can be alleviated.

3. Support mental health

University students experience a new chapter in their lives and it is a time when their mental health can be severely affected. Online exams can help mitigate any added pressures that may arise as they remove the daunting feeling of going into an intimidating exam hall. Certain platforms can also benefit those who suffer from difficulties, such as dyslexia and have a customisable interface to suit their needs.

The mental health of university lecturers can also be supported as they don’t have to spend time on added marking. They will already have enough marking with coursework and delivering seminars and lectures and so online exams can reduce this workload.

Try EDExams’ Online Exams

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