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Even since the pandemic, online exams have been on the trend. The concept of online exams has been around for quite some while, but it has been recently that this concept has started growing and become widely accepted as an alternative to offline examinations.

Online exams are not only convenient but also a better means to assess the level of a student’s progress in a particular course. Furthermore, many remarks that due to the easy and effortless procedures of numerous online examinations, people find it easier to get their qualifications in comparison to the traditional methods. Given below are certain reasons why online examinations have become a quicker and more efficient way to get your qualifications:

1. More accessible and convenient way of assessment

Traditional examinations require students to assemble at a particular place, at a particular time and most often in a particular dress code. Furthermore, there are other things to be considered while taking an offline exam. From manpower to the right infrastructure, everything is crucial for offline exams to be a success. However, this is not the case with online exams. Online exams do not require physical infrastructure, such as an exam centre, desk and chairs, etc. Online exams just require a proper internet connection, a computer or a laptop, which the majority already have access to or can get a hold of easily. Hence, online exams are much more convenient and accessible to get a qualification.

2. Shorter wait time and fewer delays in the conduct of exams

Online exams are easier to register for and can be conducted easily in a short amount of time. Offline exams usually take months to set up and require a great many things for them to be conducted successfully. However, online exams are much easier to conduct and can be attempted in a matter of days. For instance, numerous academic and language qualification examinations have now turned online, where candidates can register and give the exam the very next day. Due to the conduct of online exams, AI-based and computer-based technology makes them easier to evaluate. This makes it possible for candidates to get their results fast and get a qualification.

3. Easy evaluation and examination results

Due to the age of digitisation, thanks to modern technology, examiners now have access to computer-based evaluation software. This software is free from human errors and safe from human biases that arise while evaluating offline examinations. AI-based technology has given rise to smart bots that can quickly evaluate even human writings and provide an exact estimate of candidate marks and progress. Thanks to this, making papers and preparing the result is an easier task. Hence, candidates are able to get their evaluation done faster and get their examination results sooner in comparison to traditional methods of evaluation.

4. Worldwide reach and accessibility

Thanks to the pandemic, distance education has received a great boost. Students and candidates now have access to a large number of courses from everywhere in the world. These students can now choose to pursue their desired course from any university or school. Distance education means using online examinations as a means of assessment. With the removal of geographical barriers to attaining education, students can choose to pursue courses of a lesser duration and one with fewer fees while still getting the same level of education as any other course. This opportunity has made it easier for students to get their desired level of qualification faster and not remain restricted due to the bandages of time.


Online examinations have no doubt greatly benefited access to education and removed barriers. Apart from the above-mentioned advantages of online examinations in getting your qualification faster, online exams are also very cost-effective, save time, and are easier to schedule. Thanks to technology, online examinations have really transformed and diversified the field of education, making it more accessible to the whole community of students.

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