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Invigilating personnel are a critical asset to exams to ensure the credibility of the assessment.

An invigilator conducts the examination process to ensure it is fair and so that cheat cannot take place.

What are the benefits of invigilating? This blog post explains.

What does exam invigilating entail?

An exam invigilator ensures there are no suggestions of improper conduct, unfairness, advantage or disadvantage to students.

There are a number of benefits of exam invigilating:

  •  It ensures all candidates have an equal opportunity to demonstrate abilities
  •  It ensures security for candidates – before, during and after the exam
  •  It prevents possible candidate malpractice
  •  It helps to prevent potential administration issues

How can EDExams help?

EDExams Limited specialise in the development of software specifically for the delivery of exams. The platform supports various marking processes, moderation and standardisation.

 Invigilating is carried out effectively via EDExams – all sessions can be monitored simultaneously and whole sessions are recorded and encrypted.

A multi-recording means both the student and the device are monitored. A lock-down system is available so that students cannot access the internet or other applications during the exam.

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