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The rise of online learning has made cheating a lot easier for candidates when they take their exams. With no proctor in the room, candidates can easily use unauthorised materials, collaborate with others, or take the exam for someone else.

Educational institutions can move exams online securely if there are solid measures in place. Online exams need to be reliable and trusted so it’s important to know the signs when someone may be cheating. Here are a few things to monitor:

  • Look for unusual behaviour. Candidates who are cheating may exhibit unusual behaviour during the exam, such as:
    o Excessive time spent on a single question
    o Frequent breaks
    o Looking around the room or at their notes
    o Using their phone or other devices
  • Pay attention to the candidate’s surroundings. If the candidate is in a room with other people, they may be getting help from them. Look for signs of collaboration, such as candidates talking to each other or passing notes. It is important to make sure the candidate is alone if possible.

Use technology to spot signs of cheating

There are a number of technologies that can be used to detect cheating on online exams. These include:

  • Screen monitoring software that can track the candidate’s mouse movements and keystrokes
  • Webcam monitoring software that can record the candidate’s facial expressions and eye movements
  • Proctoring services that use a combination of technology and human supervision

It’s also important to track and monitor a candidate’s activity when undertaking an exam. Remote proctoring can be extremely beneficial when secure and appropriate measures are integrated. It’s also crucial to have a plan in place to deal with cheating incidents. This plan should include steps to take if you suspect that a candidate is cheating.

Moreover, when creating examination questions, there needs to be an assurance that the exam questions are not duplicated or plagiarised from any that can be accessed online. Different question types can make exams more engaging and also make it difficult to memorise any answers.

By following these tips, you can help to create a secure and fair online exam environment.

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